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On Which Hand Does the Wedding or Engagement Ring Go?

Since we were little, we have known that the fourth finger of our hand is called the ring finger and, in many cultures around the world, that is because it is where couples place their wedding rings. But what is the custom regarding which finger to wear the engagement ring on and which after the wedding? This wedding ring finger tradition goes back centuries, based on very romantic, albeit unscientific, ideas. Despite all the changes in wedding traditions, the hand that wears the wedding ring has remained the same.

Which Hand Does the Wedding Ring Go On?

Which Hand Does the Wedding Ring Go On?

In most cultures, the ring finger of married couples is the fourth. In ancient Rome, it was believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger to the heart; the love veinor vein of love. Now, we know that all fingers have veins that eventually lead back to the heart, but the romantic tradition of which finger to wear the ring on maintains the idea of ​​connecting it to the heart. For the marriage proposal, the engagement finger is also the ring finger. However, some cultures have different ideas about which hand the wedding ring goes on. In the US, the engagement and wedding ring hand is the left. While couples can wear their wedding rings on any finger, there is something special and meaningful about placing it on the fourth finger of the left hand.

How to Wear an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Band Together

Most people who have an engagement ring and a wedding ring choose to wear them on the same finger, stacking one on top of the other. Traditionally, wedding bands are placed at the bottom, closer to the wearer's heart. To do this, you can wear your engagement ring on your right hand during the ceremony and place it over your wedding band later, or you can simply make the switch after the wedding. To keep the rings together and make them more comfortable, one option on how to wear an engagement ring and wedding band is to solder them.

Alternatives On Which Finger To Wear The Rings On

Wedding Ring

There is no set rule on how to wear an engagement ring and wedding band. Large rings can fit better when worn on different fingers. The simplest alternative for the engagement ring finger is the fourth finger of the right hand. However, if you're not engaged, you may not want to wear anything on your left wedding ring finger, especially if you're trying to date or meet someone.

When deciding where to wear your rings once you're married, there's something romantic about sticking to tradition for the wedding ring hand. Having a wedding ring on your ring finger announces your marriage to the world and acts as a constant reminder of your partner's love. However, since there is no hard and fast rule about what the wedding or engagement ring finger should be , couples are free to make their own decisions and write their unique love story.